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Business Therapy for the Modern Entrepreneur

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Check out our FAQ below for answers to all your burning questions.
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What the FAQ?





What if this isn’t right for me? 

You’re not going to be alone — we share the burden to get through this TOGETHER.

So, if you feel like you didn’t get anything out of the session we will not charge you full price and will do everything we can to provide a solution outside of our allotted time together. 

I’m uncomfortable talking with strangers.

First off, we will not judge you ever—unless you’re like a murderer.

Second, Kayla petted a CEO on the face instead of shaking her hand because she was nervous — so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Come as you are. 

I’m all over the place. Will this even work for me?

You should know that it’s pretty natural to feel that way. 

Most people come to us feeling “all over the place,” so you’re in good company. We’ve designed our sessions specifically to help you stop feeling this way. 

If at the end you don’t feel like you didn’t get what you needed, you’re not expected to pay full price. 

Also, please feel free to reach out if you want to talk through what to expect. 

What if my business issue doesn’t fit your 4 categories? 

Please, still get in touch. If it’s realistic and we feel as though we can still support you we can create a semi-custom session.

If we don’t feel as if we can provide adequate assistance we will let you know and, when possible, make recommendations to professionals we think can help you! 


How long are your sessions?

Short answer: 2 hours.

Long answer: We’ve designed the sessions to be no more than two hours because we know how important your time is and, in our experience, any less is not enough and with any more everyone tends to burn out a little. 

What if I need more time with you?

We’ve designed our sessions so we can make progress within the 2 hours.

However, if you feel like you need additional support or would like to do a different type of session—no sweat. You can book us again for a discounted rate! 

Returning clients get 50% off for follow-up sessions. 

What materials will I walk away with?

After all sessions you’re going to walk away with clarity, a tangible plan, action items, and, of course, will have access to the notes from the session. 

Specific materials vary between each session and each topic. Please refer to the Services page to find out what to expect from each Andie Session. 

Where will we meet?

We meet at a couple of co-working spaces in Charlotte. (e.g. Hygge Co-Working and Advent Co-Working). Before the session we will let you where the session will be held and provide directions and parking instructions. 

What are the payment terms?

Your payment information must be given at the time of purchase. We will not charge you until after the session is complete. 

Can I bring someone? 

Absolutely! If you feel more comfortable having someone with you, please feel free. 

Can I follow-up with you after the session? 

Yes, of course. We’re here to support you. 

We don’t have an official policy on how many times you can follow-up, but we will let you know if we think it's time to book another session or if we feel like we can’t support you with time you’re asking from us. 


Are my secrets safe with you? 

Absolutely, confidentiality is covered in our contract and is something we value.

Anything discussed in the session stays between us and you. We will also sign an NDA if that makes you more comfortable. 

Do you have a referral program?


For Andie Clients: Any formal recommendations we give to you, to continue your work with other professionals, have been vetted for their trustworthiness and their ability to deliver great work. 

For Professionals: At the end of our sessions we often make recommendations to trusted professionals (i.e. marketing, operational help, legal, etc.) If you are interested in joining our referral program please contact us. Or, if you are interested in referring clients to us please ask about our incentive partner packages.

Are you licensed therapists? 

Absolutely not.

This is for business owners who are facing creative or strategic obstacles, only. 

Any accounting or legal advice? 

No but...

If accounting or your legal issues come up during a session we’re happy to provide some recommendations to some trusted professionals who can offer their expertise, but we cannot offer that type of support.