How’s it work?



This isn’t the type of business coaching you hear about from a random LinkedIn connection.

Andie sessions are focused on getting to the point so you can get back to business. Sessions are only 2 hours long— no half-day meetings or mini retreats necessary. You don’t need us to tell you how to run your whole business — instead, we’ll concentrate on creating a game plan for a specific topic or obstacle. We provide a safe space for businesses to:


Have Candid Conversations        Get Inspired        Gain Clarity        Make Realistic Plans



All Sessions Include


  • A structured session, focused on what you need to work through.

  • A welcome packet filled with business self-discovery questions.

  • Instant access to notes from the session (including exercise formulas, record of your breakthrough and what to do with it.)

  • A workable gameplan (specific to you) that you and your team can easily execute.

  • A list of recommendations and follow-up guidance from us.

  • Access to us after the session to make sure you stay on track.




  1. Choose the package that fits your needs.

  2. Pick a date that works for your schedule.

  3. Complete a questionnaire to help us customize your session.

  4. We’ll send over an outline of what to expect and answer any questions before we get started.



In Session

We will be taking notes during the duration of the session so you don’t have to. You will have access to them right after we’re finished.

  1. We review what stood out in your questionnaire.
  2. We complete a exercises to get your brain dreaming and scheming about next steps.
  3. Together we craft a working plan for you take back to the office.



Within 2 days of our session, we will share our final thoughts, conclusions, and extra exercises for you to do on your own to help you keep this session top of mind.