Soooo, what’s the deal?



Forget executive coaching—you need Business Therapy.  

Whether you’re looking for someone to discuss your ideas with, help you make decisions, or simply need someone to hear you out, Andie can help with our 4 unique Business Therapy sessions.


Have Candid Conversations        Get Inspired        Gain Clarity        Make Realistic Plans


Andie is like if my business had a best friend
— Stephanie Newman, Crowned Sparrow Co.


Our Philosophies

  • We all go through awkward stages in our business development. They can all be worked through.
  • Everyone has 2,467 unread emails, video calls to wait for, and statuses to update—knowing this, we keep our sessions light on time, but heavy on results.
  • Unlike baseball, sometimes there is crying in business. You’re welcome to join a session no matter where your head's at.
  • Everyone should be armed with a killer answer to the question, “What do you do?”
  • Andie operates under the impression that you are a completely capable business owner, but everyone needs a little structured support every now and then.
  • We believe in the power of 4 letter words. Quick heads up:  we use them.
  • Our number one priority is to help you reach creative conclusions that are geared toward to your current or future business.
  • We don’t believe in placebos. While our sessions are short, we don’t take any shortcuts.


Who is This For?

This is for the companies who need an outside perspective. 

This for the entrepreneurs who are tired of procrastinating and second-guessing. 

This is for the decision-makers who need help organizing their thoughts.  

This is for the small business owners who want someone to calm the chaos of their day-to-day. 

This is for the freelancers who want to step up their service offering. 

This is for businesses who are alive and kicking but questioning whether or not to change.

This is for you if you’re ready to put in the work and learn how to create a business that plays to your strengths. 



What’s Next?

Check out our different sessions to see which suits you best. Then fill out the form, submit the dates that work for you and get ready to rock and roll!